Growth via Acquisition: How to Grow Successful Online Businesses

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About Our Guest

Ronnie Teja is the CEO and Founder of Branzio watches and other multiple e-commerce websites, with over 25 remote employees.

Ronnie has acquired businesses over 1 million USD, and six e-commerce and affiliate sites in the past two years to grow his business.

He is a self-starter who loves sharing his entrepreneurship story with others. He is hoping someone can learn from his past pitfalls and enjoy the fruits of consistency and thinking of a long-term process-longevity.

About this Episode

Growth via Acquisition: How to Grow Successful Online Businesses

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift of every aspect of our lives to be online. It is the standard for business owners now, not the expectation, that you must have a strong online presence. So as a business owner, how do you evolve your services to cater to a growing digital audience?

Today’s guest is Ronnie Teja, a Canadian entrepreneur who’s deployed a successful growth via acquisition strategy to capture his fair share of the internet market. He grew his first business Branzio, an eCommerce store for watches, organically. Since then, he’s acquired 15 different businesses and online sites to build a profitable digital ecosystem.

You’ll learn about the different approaches he’s taken to acquiring new sites, as well as how he’s adapted his strategies to be future-proof through COVID-19 and beyond.

This episode is a must listen for anyone looking to start or improve their online business.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • The different ways you can structure a deal
  • How different deal structures can affect your business valuation
  • Learn how to constantly adapt to online business models when Facebook’s or Google’s algorithm changes can cause widescale disruption at a moment’s notice

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Show Notes

(7:30) Ronnie’s first job was picking blueberries on a farm. Now he owns 15 online business through a successful growth via acquisition strategy.

(12:57) You have manufacturers, suppliers, and customers, but you can also have affiliate partners as an additional source of revenue in the online space. Learn more about them from Ronnie.

(18:55) Ten years ago, you only needed 5 or 6 digital touchpoints before a customer would purchase. Today, you need between 18 to 22. Marketing has changed, here’s how to stay afloat.

(24:34) Ronnie walks you through his first of many acquisitions – including how he moved to South Africa from Canada for six months in order to make business connections. Talk about dedicated.

(36:03) Imagine building a strong business model, and then needing to pivot on the fly because Google changes its algorithm. This is a risk in eCommerce and the same business fundamentals apply: Diversification.

(43:54) Want to learn how to allocate spend on digital marketing ads? Here’s how to navigate that landscape alongside COVID-19.

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