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Why Buy Grow Sell?

People get into business, they grow, and they get out. 

It's the entrepreneurial journey.

The problem is...

Being a business owner can be a lonely journey.

There are very few people you can talk to, and your business and personal life can often be intertwined.

You're probably sick and tired of all the "gurus" giving advice when most have never run a business like yours. 

So where do you turn to get reliable information that is unbiased?

The podcast for business owners

Business owners helping fellow business owners

A study of over 60,000 companies showed that business owners prefer to turn to fellow entrepreneurs for advice on building the value of their company.

The Buy Grow Sell podcast shares the stories of business owners that have beaten down the path before you. Whether it's the dizzying heights of success or the hard lessons learned through failure, we get to the heart of what will really make a difference on your journey.

Meet Your Host

Simon Bedard is the CEO of Exit Advisory Group, a boutique Australian M&A firm.

As an entrepreneur, Simon has started, bought and exited companies. He has worked as an investment advisor to high net worth clients and private companies, and has experience across the finance, investment, energy and technology sectors.

Simon's true passion lies in helping business owners maximise company value.

Join us for the best insights, interviews and inside information on how to buy, grow and sell a business - straight from business owners who have lived and breathed it.