Will a Strategic Acquirer Buy Your Business?

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About Our Guest

Thomas Kereszti is an industry influencer who adds value to individuals and helps companies reach their highest potential through life-changing leadership principles. 

Tom’s approach to leadership comes from a lifetime of international experience. He has built and led executive teams in Colgate Palmolive, Philips Electronics, Reckitt Benckiser, and the Strauss Group in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States. So, unlike many “leadership experts” who have not had the privilege of being in leadership, Tom has lived his life as a leader and can relate to the challenges business owners are facing. 

Tom’s accomplishments include establishing global alliances, acquiring companies, leading successful start-ups, and creating brands. He is recognised as the turnaround specialist and is passionate about mentoring executives. He has helped executives, large organisations, technology start-ups, and even non-profits exceed their goals. 

About this Episode

Will a Strategic Acquirer Buy Your Business?

There are a lot of considerations that go into selling your business. From deciding how and when you want to exit, to ensuring you set up processes that allow it to run without you. 

However, in this episode, we journey to the other side of the table and learn straight from the horse’s mouth – what it takes to buy – from a strategic acquirer who has bought companies in Serbia, Brazil, France, and Poland. 

Thomas Kereszti chats through how to structure an acquisition based on growth, alignment, culture, risk factors, market timing, and most importantly, by recognising what’s in it for the other party. 

What you will learn in this episode

  • Tactical Acquisitions VS Strategic, and how a buyer decides which business fits the bill 
  • The biggest predeterminate on whether a deal will be a success or not
  • Where company culture fits in the acquisition matrix
  • The importance of timing when it comes to value your business
  • Three questions to determine what success means to you

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Show Notes

(5:35) Do you know what strategic acquirers look for when scouting businesses for sale? Learn it straight from the horse’s mouth as Thomas Kereszti shares his insight on how he determines what businesses are worth coming to the table for. 

(9:27) Approximately 6 out of 10 mergers fail because they overestimate the value in the transaction. 

(21:09) If you don’t want your business to be one of the mergers that fails, Tom’s top tip starts with keeping it simple. 

(33:53) After years of buying other people’s businesses, Tom decided to start one of his own. He set up his own distribution business in California off the back of a strategic partnership with Italian coffee company, Lavazza. 11 years later, he sold. 

(37:34) Tom chats through the differences between buying a business and selling his own when you come to the negotiation table. 

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