People-Focused Business Strategies to Scale in 2022

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About Our Guest

Dave Molenda is the founder of Positive Polarity, and grew his start-up business into a $10 million company before selling it.

Dave now passes the principles of his success onto his clients so that they too can succeed and grow. Dave is also a #1 Amazon Best Seller of the book, Growing On Purpose: The Formula to Strengthen Your Team AND Improve Your Customer Experience.

About this Episode

People-Focused Business Strategies to Scale in 2022

People are the heart of your business, and our guest, Dave Molenda knows this better than most. After a 30+ year career growing his business to $10M in annual sales, he exited in order to follow his passion of helping other business owners thrive.

In today’s episode, Dave dishes great tips on how to find the right people, build the right people-centric processes, and implement the right partnership strategies that will work together to grow a successful business.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • How to make the right hires and partnerships early on
  • The hidden opportunities behind Customer Advisory Boards
  • How to approach healthy business partnerships from the get-go

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Show Notes

(4:40) The first barrier to growth is finding people who share your passion, which is why your first, second, and third hires are the most important ones you’ll make in your company’s growth.

(7:23) Creating a Customer Advisory Board offered Dave a direct line of enquiry to his target audience, and gave his team innovative and outside the box ideas that helped them grow quickly.

(16:44) There are always going to be challenges when you have a business partner, but, if you haven’t taken the time to do any conflict resolution training, personality assessments or other engagement tools, then you’re going to exacerbate those challenges.

(29:46) What happens when no one wants to buy your business? Dave flipped the switch and began to grow it instead.

(44:45) Everyone needs a mentor, whether you’re an athlete, a student or a business owner. People complement each other. Do you know who complements you in your business?

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