How to Scale a Marketing Agency to Acquisition

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About Our Guest

Andy Cabasso is a digital marketing professional, speaker, and lawyer. Andy is on a mission to help make businesses on the Internet more successful.

Andy is a co-founder of Postaga, a new all-in-one platform for link building and email outreach. They were featured on Product Hunt where they were the #1 product of the day.

Andy also co-founded Offsprout, which helps web design agencies build websites for their clients more easily using their white-label website building tools.

Prior to Postaga and Offsprout, he co-founded JurisPage, an Internet marketing agency focused on helping law firms create a professional Internet presence and get better visibility online. JurisPage was acquired by Uptime Legal in 2016.

About this Episode

How to Scale a Marketing Agency to Acquisition

Andy Cabasso has started multiple businesses in the marketing and web development sphere.

He has a law degree, which was the source of inspiration for the first business he started – JurisPage. As a marketing and web agency specialising specifically on the legal services vertical, Andy set out to improve as many law firm marketing presences as humanly possible.

This experience led him to build, scale, and sell his business all within a three-year period. Andy’s unique experience of being strategically acquired is the catalyst for our discussion in this episode of Buy Grow Sell.

Tune in to learn more about how annual recurring revenue, treating your business like an asset, and hiring experts to do the legal heavy lifting for you were all crucial factors of a successful sell to a much larger company.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • How to balance due diligence from a potential buyer against your own IP
  • What strategic levers Andy utilised when going through the acquisition process
  • Why building an annual recurring revenue business model is key to scaling up
  • Andy’s go-to advice for scaling a business to the point of acquisition
  • How backlinking can positively & negatively affect your website’s rank & SEO efforts

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Show Notes

(10:36) Andy’s key to successfully building a company as an asset was all about creating recurring, packaged services. Listen in to hear how he structured his marketing agency.

(12:05) Andy’s business model and philosophy helped him sell the company and combined, these two factors made the acquisition run smoothly.

(24:00) There is a fine line between due diligence and company privacy. Andy and Simon talk through how the lines can be blurred in this area when selling a business.

(29:00) Hiring a professional in a specific field can save you time, money, and most importantly, the associated headaches when working through an acquisition process.

(42:20) Andy provides his go-to advice for any entrepreneurs out there who are looking to grow and scale their business to the point of acquisition.

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