From Start-up to Scale-up with Lee Hackett

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About Our Guest

Lee Hackett is a professional footballer turned entrepreneur and investor. He has successfully grown 3 companies to $10M+ in sales and engineered trade sales to FTSE200 listed corporations.

Lee advises global CMOs on B2B sales, marketing, and advertising strategy using his 7-Step C-Suite Framework to build thought leadership, effective funnels, and revenue attribution.

Lee has invested in SalesTech, MarTech, and AdTech start-ups in the UK, Middle East, Australia, and Singapore.

About this Episode

From Start-up to Scale-up with Lee Hackett

What do elite sports, the military, and the buy, grow, sell cycle all have in common?

Structure. And structure is something our latest guest, Lee Hackett specialises in. Starting out as a professional footballer for Wigan Athletic FC, Lee pivoted to the corporate world before entering his brother’s business, CMS, where he helped grow the business 4-5x in the four years he was there.

Since then, he has successfully grown 3 companies to $10M+ in sales and engineered trade sales to FTSE200 listed corporations. From professional footballer to professional businessman, learn about Lee Hackett’s journey from setting up plays to setting up management teams, developing start-ups, and growing through acquisitions.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • Shifting businesses from Start-up to Scale-up mindsets
  • Learn Lee’s recipe for supercharging the growth of businesses
  • Tips and tricks for every stage of the buy, grow, sell journey

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Show Notes

(4:48) Discipline, people, and being coachable are all transferrable skills from military, elite sports, and other highly structured backgrounds that Lee says make for great businesspeople.

(17:49) The one major roadblock to growth phasing from a start-up mentality to a scale-up. A lot of business owners struggle to shift gears to organisational structure, and systems and processes.

(28:18) Lee’s approach to setting up your business for strategic acquisition is once you hit a certain point of growth, then it’s time to start thinking of who those acquirers are and how you can begin to build those relationships.

(48:37) Looking to grow through acquisition? Here are the challenges and solutions to integrating a new business into the fold.

(51:58) Lee’s multi-million-dollar piece of advice whether you’re looking to sell or acquire a business: Don’t get distracted. If you’re involved in a transaction, make sure you have the right team around you so you can stay operational.

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