From Scandinavian Christmas Candles to $2.5M in Turnover

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From Scandinavian Christmas Candles to $2.5M in Turnover

“When you have a growing business, it’s 365 days a year.”

Camilla left a beloved international career in banking when her family had the tough choice of who was to stay at home with the kids. But instead of later re-entering the workforce, which can be scary, Camilla struck out on her own and started a business instead.

The Swedish entrepreneur brought a taste of Scandinavia to Australia, successfully growing a retail, wholesale and e-commerce store. But after 15 years of slow and steady growth, and $2.5M in turnover later, Camilla decided she had enough.

Learn about the different phases of her business growth, from navigating business partners, the rise of online shopping, and of course the rigours of due diligence for SMEs.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • The steps needed to start a retail business from scratch
  • Navigating co-owning a business with a partner – and staying friends afterward
  • The trials and tribulations of the due diligence period, and how to mitigate deal fatigue

About Our Guest

BBS podcast - Camilla Bowhill

Camilla Bowhill

Camilla Bowhill built, and then sold her Scandinavian wholesale, retail and online business in gifts, homewares and fashion, Nordic Fusion, in about 2018.

This business prides itself on stocking original brands, with everything sourced from Scandinavia. The store showcases brands and designers that have been around since the 1950s, as well as new labels.

Currently, Camilla works as a financial broker at Sandcastle Finance, primarily focused on mortgage broking.

Connect with Camilla Bowhill

Show Notes

(2:12) After making the hard choice many career women face as mothers, Camilla left her beloved banking career to become a stay-at-home mom, although something was missing for her. Learn how she evolved her career path into a successful business endeavour.

(9:48) When starting her business back in 2003, Camilla asked herself: “What can we afford to lose?”

(18:23) Camilla’s previous shift to e-commerce, and her successes on that front triggered her ‘a-ha’ moment that it might be time to transfer the reins.

(21:17) When it comes time to sell, many business owners follow the same route Camilla did, and look for the loudest broker with the biggest attached price tag. Here’s what she quickly learned about the broking industry.

(27:26) The good advice Camilla got from her broker about preparing her business for sale.

(36:54) One top tip to take away: Be honest to yourself and be honest throughout the process. Do your research before you sell! The most important part in finding a broker is getting references.

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