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About Our Guest

James Prebble is a co-founder of Palladium Digital Group, which delivers digital transformation for Private Equity backed businesses.

James is also a former specialist digital advisor to KPMG, Boxwood, and ATOS. He is a true digital native, working within businesses to deliver an understanding of the impact digital can have to both internal and external business functions.

Prior to founding Palladium, James was a strategy director at an award-winning, London-based digital agency before going on to lead large-scale digital transformation programmes at a number of globally recognised consulting firms.

Alongside his co-founder, James oversaw the sale of Palladium Digital Group to Next Fifteen Communications PLC in 2018. The business has continued to thrive under their leadership, recording triple-digit growth in the first year post-acquisition.

About this Episode

Creating Digital Value with James Prebble

Palladium Digital was born out of two frustrated founders escaping the corporate world who believed they could do it better. And they did.

James Prebble and his business partner found their niche in the market by running due diligence and helping businesses who might be acquired by private equity firms maximise their value and prove to be a worthwhile investment.

So, when the time came for James to make an exit, he was able to attract the eye of international, integrated marketing services company, Next Fifteen Communications Group.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • How to focus your business from the beginning
  • What to lean into if you want to maximise value
  • Making the most out of your due diligence
  • Figuring out how to choose the best acquirer

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Show Notes

(3:23) After escaping the corporate life, James and his business partner Mark set out to prove they could do it differently. The problem, like with many new business ventures, is they didn’t have a focus. Here’s how they found it.

(9:36) James’ business model is a win-win. They work with Private Equity firms to help their potential acquisitions become better versions of themselves through technology. And that leads to a higher multiple. The Private Equity client is happy, the asset is happy, and everyone wins.

(19:32) James’ business plan was to start, grow, and sell. If you’re going to start a business, you need to figure out your exit first. He built Palladium with multiple routes to exit.

(27:00) Always hire people who are cleverer than you so you’re always on the upward trajectory. That’s the premise on how James built his board who later introduced him to his future acquirer.

(36:01) One of the most common questions is how to tell your team you plan to sell. Here’s how James navigated this situation successfully.

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