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About Our Guest

Dave Gold is a lawyer, author, entrepreneur, transformational mentor, and energy master who has spent his life in the intersections of business spirituality, and now, finally love.

Dave built a massively successful law practice ( while living as a celibate in a cabin alongside his spiritual guru, Richard Rose. He later sold his interest in the practice to devote himself full time to writing Richard’s biography, After The Absolute.

Since then, Dave founded and sold businesses and helped countless empathic entrepreneurs by aligning them with both their deepest passions and highest callings.

About this Episode

Business Success that Feeds Your Soul with Dave Gold

If you have ever felt like you are not doing your best work, or just generally felt unhappy about where you are in business (and perhaps life), then this episode will unpack some of the most pivotal questions you need to address.

Spiritual Warrior and Entrepreneur Dave Gold speaks on the intersections of life and business all the while helping entrepreneurs develop the mindset needed to put them on the paths to success.

Tune in and discover new and practical ways to reconsider your relationship with your business.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • Tapping into the spirit of business
  • How to approach entrepreneurship with a healthy mindset
  • Building alignment and authenticity between yourself and your business

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Show Notes

(6:35) Dave Gold knows there’s a beautiful parallelism of whatever shows up in your life, shows up in your business.

(15:12) His business was run a particular way: Shamelessly spiritual and ruthlessly accountable. Dave’s goal was to create businesses that had absolute integrity while also building on best business practices.

(19:37) Here are the three keys to enlightened decision-making: How do decisions make you feel? Is this mine to do? And what is the most loving choice I can make in the next moment?

(29:01) The story behind the story. Here’s the pivotal moment where he decided to sell his law practice and kickstarted his journey to where he is now.

(40:52) Dave’s next life iteration involved building and selling a software company – right in the middle of the dotcom bust.

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