Building a Global Business, One Acquisition at a Time

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About Our Guest

Wendy Pease is the owner of Rapport International, which she bought and grew into a global translation and marketing company. Wendy has been through the struggles involved in building a business and work with other small businesses on how to expand their markets globally. 

Wendy is the driving force behind Rapport International with expertise in communications and a passion for connecting people around the world. Her background in international relations extends from having majored in foreign service, working in several international and global marketing roles, and spending years living abroad. 

Wendy loves connecting people through networks and has a fondness for languages and cultures, which she feeds with frequent travels to places near and far. She is passionate about her work and enjoys figuring out with clients the best ways to handle their communications process to ensure the highest quality outcomes. 

About this Episode

Building a Global Business, One Acquisition at a Time

Wendy Pease’s business journey started with a Google search. 

Without a burning idea to start her own business, she decided to buy her first business instead. Rapport International started as a small translation service, turning over about $100K in revenue. Over the next 18 years, she acquired another business, entered the global market, and now focuses on growing her business both through organic as well as future potential strategic acquisitions. 

Wendy has been through the struggles involved in building a business and works with other small businesses on how to expand their markets globally. Now, Rapport International boasts 10-15 employees and turns over $5M in revenue. 

This episode is good for business owners looking to potentially avoid the cutthroat start-up environment through leveraging acquisitions. 

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • The different ways to find businesses for acquisition 
  • How to fund your acquisition as a first-time buyer 
  • When to progress and when to walk away from due diligence 
  • Figuring out whether it’s right to grow organically or through acquiring 

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Show Notes

(5:25) Armed with an MBA, Wendy left the venture capital world wanting to run her own business. Rather than start one, which she knew would be an immense amount of work, she entered the market as an acquirer, kicking off her global business. 

(19:54) As a first-time business owner, Wendy was very hesitant on getting loans, but after going through the process, she encourages would-be buyers to go into the bank, meet your broker, and understand your options. 

(28:34) Wendy’s first acquisition was a business turning over about $100K in revenue with one employee. However, the employee decided to leave with the owner, leaving her scrambling to fill the role. She brings up a good question of how often do employees decide to stay on after the owner leaves? 

(41:45) Although Wendy started off by acquiring businesses, she does focus a lot on organic growth. Here’s how to balance two very different strategies. 

(48:27) Regardless of whether you plan to stay in the business long-term or not, having exit options are the best way to prepare yourself for anything life throws at you. Here is Wendy’s plan. 

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