Automation, AI, SaaS: Building, Scaling, and Exiting a Software Business

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Josh Sweeney is a seasoned entrepreneur whose relentless drive has given him the platform to build big ideas, and even bigger companies. One of his successes, Atcore Systems, was acquired in 2016 by a leading partner in the CRM industry.

Experiencing the impact of various sales and marketing challenges over the years, Josh founded FounderScale. He has made it his mission to help founder-led organisations increase sales. Because of his passion for growth and forward-thinking, he donates his time to the Entrepreneur Organization of Atlanta, guiding and promoting other entrepreneurs through experience sharing and camaraderie.

When Josh is not driving his business or mingling with business leaders, you can find him in the recording booth, where he has recorded over 100 pieces of educational content about B2B sales and marketing.

About this Episode

Automation, AI, SaaS: Building, Scaling, and Exiting a Software Business

A CRM is the engine of your business. It’s the superpower that juices up your marketing and your sales teams, and it’s the system that lets you show prospective buyers that you have a method to your madness. Yet some businesses still aren’t leveraging the power of CRMs, marketing automation, and other technologies that have a real impact on your bottom line.

Josh Sweeney has stayed not just on top of, but ahead of the trends shaping the marketing industry. He was the Founder and CEO of Atcore Systems that provided consulting and CRM systems before scaling, and then exiting to one of the biggest players in the space. His expertise on trends and tactics coming over the horizon are important for all businesses, whether you’re small, medium, or enterprise-level.

What you will learn in this episode

  • The value, importance, and – frankly – necessity of sales and marketing automation
  • Technology acceleration trends around ChatGPT
  • Creating the foundation for success: Contractors VS employees
  • How to ride the lows of business growth (and come out the other side)

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Show Notes

(7:13) A tremendous opportunity for Josh was “Brand Piggybacking” off a larger player in the space. They’ve taken the money, they’re doing all the marketing, and you can become a part of their ecosystem to help you catapult your own business.

(15:07) Want to bring your sales skills into the modern day? It becomes harder to compete unless you’re using the tools and tactics as described by Josh here.

(23:50) The future of marketing. If AI can automate everything, then how can you continue to create unique and authentic content? Tune in for a lively discussion on tech trends.

(29:29) Starting a business is rarely referred to as “a blast” in the early days, but Josh’s growth trajectory saw 3 and 4-digit growth numbers year-over-year until he hit his first snag after a few years. Here’s what happened and how he overcame it.

(50:43): Ready to value your tech business? If you’re planning to exit, you’ll need to shape your business model around the end game. Check out our checklist to determine what buyers look for.

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