7th Heaven: Michael Griffiths on 7 Businesses and 6 Exits

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About Our Guest

Michael Griffiths is seen as the leading authority worldwide on referral marketing. Michael’s passion lies in helping service providers to be more remarkable, more profitable, and more impactful in their business.

Having left the school system where he was a teacher for 7 years, Michael started his first business in 2009. Since then, he has built 7 businesses, and then selling 6 of them along the way.

Today, he shows service providers how to get more referrals into their business and grow their client base through some simple systems and an injection of mindset thinking change.

About this Episode

7th Heaven: Michael Griffiths on 7 Businesses and 6 Exits

Teacher by trade, basketball coach by passion, Michael Griffiths thought life meant ending up with a job in the NBA.

Fast forward just over a decade and Michael has successfully started seven business and exited six, including a global marketing agency employing 800 contractors and servicing over 12,500 clients across the world.

Tune in to learn how Michael’s entrepreneurial dream has come full circle from teacher to business owner, to marketing expert, now back to teacher and mentor for service providers looking to incorporate more referral-based revenue into their companies.

This episode is a slam-dunk of insight from an entrepreneur who’s been there, done that again and again and again.

What you will learn in this episode

In this episode we’ll cover everything from:

  • Knowing when your ‘What’s Next’ moment looks like
  • The power of referral marketing in any business
  • Concentration Risk: Regaining the control in your business model
  • How to turn your clients into walking, talking billboards

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Show Notes

(3:10) From career aspirations as a coach in the NBA to a 180 person-strong home tutoring in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, entrepreneur Michael Griffiths took his three point shot in business and kicked off a 7 business strong journey.

(8:18) In every business, there’s a pivotal moment that takes your company to a whole new level. For Michael, this moment came on a Friday afternoon. At the pub.

(14:47) If your business is in the hands of someone else - be it Facebook, Instagram, or Google - do you really have a business? Algorithms can change, clients can leave, but here’s what you can do.

(19:05) Professional service business? Here’s Michaels approach to how you could and should be marketing your business.

(30:43) Tune in for the nuts and bolts of the valuation, exit, and transition which happened in an extremely fast, three-month turnaround time.

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