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A FREE interactive webinar to provide actionable insights to prepare your business for sale.

In the webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Establishing your exit plan
  • Business valuation and financials
  • Defining your target market
  • Building your marketing assets
  • And much more!

5 APR 2023 | 12:30 PM


All Your Burning Questions, Answered

The Fast Track Series is about providing actionable insights on business growth and exit, in less time

Shorter sessions...and more of help you achieve long term success

I've packaged these sessions into bite-sized learnings because, let's face it, business owners are busy.

With a 20/20 format I'll deliver 20 minutes of insights and answer your questions for 20 minutes.

It's micro learning.

It's a 'doable' time commitment.

It can all be done in your lunch hour.   

Fast track your knowledge and start implementing in 2023. 

There's no better time to take Action...

As a business owner, you should be reflecting on this...

Where am I now?

Where do I want to be?

How will I get there?

True freedom is building a business that is valuable, scalable and saleable.

I want to help you get there.

The Best Tips to Achieve Your Ultimate Success as a Business Owner




12:30 - 1:15 AEST

How Do I Value My Business?

As a business owner, it's important to know what your company is worth, perhaps you want to sell now or you are trying to achieve a specific valuation. Understanding how your business is valued helps you plan and grow strategically. How would a potential acquirer assess your business? How is a multiple calculated? What different valuation methods are used?



12:30 - 1:15 AEST

The Key Steps to Succession Planning

At some point every business owner will need to pass the leadership baton to others. Whether you are looking to exit your business one day, or build a platform for scalable growth, you will need to master your succession plan. Succession planning is also a key strategy for risk mitigation. Understand the key steps you need to take for your business.

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12:30 - 1:15 AEST

How Do I Get My Business Ready To Sell?

There comes a time in every business owner’s life where they decide to exit their business. This may happen for a variety of reasons – it could be that a competitor has knocked on your door with an unsolicited and lucrative offer. Maybe you have another venture you want to pursue. Or perhaps, after years in business you have decided to retire.

No matter what the reason, it’s a big step.

Your business represents a significant culmination of your life’s work and is most likely one of the primary sources of your wealth. So, how do you prepare for this?

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About your Host

Simon Bedard is the Founder and CEO of Exit Advisory Group, a boutique M&A firm that helps business owners maximise their company value and exit at the top of their game.

Simon has over 20 years of experience in the finance, investment, energy, and technology sectors. He has started, bought, and exited companies, and has been an investment advisor to high net worth clients and private companies, in one of Australia’s largest banks.

Simon is also the host of the Buy Grow Sell Podcast (with almost 100 episodes and new episodes released weekly), the annual Buy Grow Sell Summit, and a range of educational programs to help entrepreneurs acquire, scale and exit their business.

About Exit Advisory Group

At Exit Advisory Group we help business owners that are looking at the next stage for their business - that may be to achieve a certain valuation, get an investor on board, sell their company, or start handing over to management so they can step out of the day to day. We focus on helping people understand their end game and build a strategy to get there. If selling is part of that exit plan, we can also take them to market and complete the business sale. 

Any of These Questions Been on Your Mind?

These are some of the questions business owners have been asking us. Are they on your mind too? Or something else? Let us know when you register, and we'll add them to our 2023 Business Growth & Exit Fast Track Sessions. 

  • How does my growth strategy impact my exit strategy?
  • What are the key drivers that will maximise the value of my business?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when selling?
  • What are the tax implications when selling my business?
  • How do I grow for wealth and to achieve a successful exit?
  • Who are the different types of acquirers out there and what are their motivations?
  • When is the right time to sell my business?
  • How do I find the right buyers for my business?
  • How to seek capital to grow my business?
  • What's involved in the Due Diligence Process?
  • I have been approached by buyer, what should I do next, what are the immediate next steps?
  • When is the right time to hire a CEO?
  • Sale versus Succession?
  • What are the different exit options available?
  • Selling in a recession