Our customers tell us that they trust us and our opinions, processes and methods. We strive to achieve this success in every client relationship - our clients are our best source of ongoing business.

The following are examples of the written and verbal compliments we receive from our clients:

For the recent transition of an FDA Approved Consumer Products Manufacturing company, both Seller and Buyer provided this joint testimonial

"Seller: When I concluded that I needed a partner to help me grow my 27 year old company I commissioned BTS to conduct the search. Two criteria were critical to me. First I needed to remain active in the company for many years and second we wanted a partner with marketing skills and the desire to build the company as a long term investment. BTS was able to find such a partner and to negotiate a win-win deal for me and the investors. Throughout the process BTS was easy to work with and conducted the process in a very professional manner. I would recommend BTS to others.”
             - Dr. Stan G

"Corporate Buyer: We found BTS’ approach of representing the business transaction rather than singularly representing seller or buyer to be novel and refreshing. Rather than the normal adversarial negotiation process, the BTS method created a common goal relieving much of the stress, anxiety and heartburn inherent in these business transactions. In our transaction the BTS process had the affect of bringing the parties closer together rather than wedging them apart. I would unhesitatingly recommend BTS to others.”
             - Cliff Z

"Business Transition Specialists has provided our company a comprehensive platform of expert analysis, statistics and forecasts to tell our compelling story of success as we continue to grow quickly in a very competitive environment. They seek every opportunity to promote our business and leave no stone unturned on our behalf. I can recommend their service with the utmost confidence to anyone seeking to buy, grow or sell their business."
             - Woody Kinney, Owner, Maile Foods

"Countless business owners need to hear your presentation and take it to heart, for their own good.”
             - Edward P., Financial Advisor, regarding a workshop he attended on transition planning.

"As a business attorney helping structure business transactions and source acquisition capital and I work a wide range of intermediaries. BTS is the best"
             - S. Anderson, attorney responding to a client of his who'd asked for a referral

"Driving in this morning I came upon the realization that one year ago today we closed on the purchase of our business. Thanks for everything you did to help. We're having a blast and it gets better everyday!"
             - Mike Herman, Buyer Kansas City Fudge, Inc., d/b/a Chips Chocolate Factory

"BTS has assembled the services, team and resources to help me plan and execute my growth and exit strategy from end ... to ... end. They clearly care about and drive to understand and help achieve my personal and business objectives."
             - Mike H., CEO, Logistics Technology company

"…let me compliment you on the quality and detail analysis provided in this executive summary. Over the last several months, I have reviewed several of these documents and to be honest......many are poorly done and demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge on the part of the broker. Your summary of [the client's] operation was concise and contained excellent references and financial summary."
             - Tom P., Buyer

"You are a great negotiator; I wish I had you on my team."
             - Ira S., Buyer