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How do I sell a business without damaging and devaluing it in the process?

Selling a business is complex. When not managed correctly it costs time, money and inevitably the sale itself. Knowledgeable sellers appreciate the value of an experienced intermediary to help all parties navigate the many difficult but necessary steps required to successfully transact a business sale and transition. Serious sellers invest in themselves for the best chance of success, leveraging BTS' knowledge and proven experience to: refine the buyer profile, engage interested buyers, assess & negotiate the buyer's perception of value & deal structure, navigate the financing environment and help manage emotions though a stressful process from offer through closing.

A good intermediary can:

  • Provide advice and counsel identifying potential deal killer issues and business consulting
  • Identify what makes your business valuable to a buyer and document it in written form with supporting exhibits, brochures and other relevant documents
  • Find the best buyer that meets your sale objectives
  • Keep the sale confidential during selling process- if the owner is directly involved in sale process, it will become apparent to employees that something is up
  • Negotiate the best deal terms and purchase agreement you can without damaging your relationship with the buyer, particularly if you will end up working for the buyer
  • Free the owner to continue managing and leading the business so it continues to grow through a potentially long sale process

Services most frequently requested of BTS by ready sellers include:

  • Business Sale: Arranging the sale of a business or specific assets to an acceptable buyer
  • Partnership: Arranging the sale of part of a business to help the Seller acquire targeted skills, roles, experience, relationships and financing
  • Real Estate Sale: Arranging the sale or negotiating the lease of commercial property
  • Transition Coaching: Education and advice on the process of planning and exiting a business