Preparing to Buy

I want to buy a business but don't know where to find one, if I can afford it or if ownership is even right for me.

Individual buyers haven't usually purchased a business before. Given the complexity of the process and variables which make it a different experience for each buyer, skilled help from experienced intermediaries improves understanding, readiness and the likelihood of a successful purchase.

Business Transition Specialists (BTS) will help pre-qualify prospective buyers to:

  • Clarify purchase objectives of a purchase
  • Define the target acquisition profile
  • Evaluate financial buying capacity
  • Educate the buyer on the buying process and issues to consider
  • Share and review current opportunities
  • And more to help prepare the prospective buyer to take the next steps

Becoming a business owner can take many paths: buy, build or partner. It's important to understand which path is the right one and how to proceed. We can help explore and pursue each path.