Middle Market Opportunities

Mid Market firms are usually acquired by other companies, funds or buyer groups with backing. Due to strategic business objectives driving the transaction, the operating model and financial results can change fundamentally for both buyer and seller and result in dramatically increased bottom line results (i.e. 1+1 = 3). When one company is buying all or part of another, Business Transition Specialists (BTS) provides merger & acquisition assistance helping manage the transaction while also helping define and guide integration.

Business opportunities are segmented by company size, value, scope of business operations as well as the nature and complexity of transaction. By most measures, mid-market firms are generally those with revenues between $5 million and $200 million. Because the pool of prospective buyers for mid-market firms is more easily identified, the approach to marketing the business for sale and engaging those buyers changes, relying on discrete, high-level introductions and management using a dedicated team of professionals that are with the entire engagement helping guide communications, negotiations, sourcing financing and the ultimate closing of a transaction.

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