Individual Buyers

How Do I Buy A Business, Or Even Know If I Should?

Business Transition Specialists LLC (BTS) offers a wide range of services to assist buyers before, during and after the purchase of all or part of a business.

The services more frequently requested by individual buyers include:

  • Pre-Qualification:      Profiling and preparing individual buyers for a successful acquisition
  • Acquisition Search:      A proactive effort to help individuals find and buy a business
  • Financing:      Pursuing and arranging financing from a wide range of capital sources
  • Transition Coaching:      Education and advice on the process of buying a business

Importantly, some buyers make strong business partners and can become the planned successor to the current owner. This offers those who might not be ready for sole ownership a chance to get involved owning and filling an executive role while the previous owner remains engaged to help manage business, teach and more gradually hand over the reins. Some buyers also ask for help developing the business plan used to prepare for and execute the successful purchase of a business.