Growth Strategy

I have ideas for what I'd like to accomplish, but know there's more and Iím not sure where to start

There are times when best-practice knowledge and laser-focused direction is needed to lay the foundation for successful growth. Fresh perspective and outside assistance, especially when guided by keen awareness that investments in the business must pay a return, can jump start this growth. BTS brings an innovative think-tank mentality to guide business owners toward the desired business results and required capabilities.

The most frequently requested services to help grow the business include:

  • Business Assessment:      Developing a customized improvement roadmap based upon a structured evaluation of vision, current strategy and the operational model
  • Customized Engagement:      For a range of business problems identifying root issues, charting the path forward, evaluate current capabilities, develop key recommendations and a strategy level execution roadmap
  • Plan Execution:      Help implementing the strategic / business plan and targeted projects

We don't develop plans that sit on the shelf. While we "facilitate" improvement, we are NOT simply facilitators. We help design and build businesses, across the entire business model, all functional areas and their key elements - people, process, technology and governance. From scratch if needed - for existing businesses quite often, with any changes targeting improving business performance and increasing the value of owner equity.