I'm in business and I’m the one in charge…now what?

We're you trained in business or did you grow into your business role through experience? Most business owners have little formal business training and are so focused on running the business that they stop learning and growing. Top performing business leaders invest in themselves and the business to be best positioned for continued success.

Business Transition Specialists LLC (BTS) offers a wide range of services to help business owners, executives and leaders plan and execute strategy, helping source financing and increasing the value of owner equity. We teach and transfer knowledge into your organization to continue its growth and development.

The services most frequently requested by business owners focused on improving current business performance include:

  • Business Assessment:      Developing a customized improvement roadmap based upon a structured evaluation of vision, current strategy and the operational model
  • Customized Engagement:      Charting the strategic and operational path forward to clarify direction, evaluate current capabilities, develop key recommendations and strategic roadmap
  • Plan Execution:      Help implementing the plan and targeted projects to improve strategy and operations
  • Financing:      Pursuing and arranging financing from a wide range of capital sources
  • Finance Management:      Cleanup, maintenance and management of business financials
  • Growth Coaching:      Business planning and management education with work defined and agreed to verbally or in writing throughout the engagement