Find a Partner

I'd like to bring in cash, talent, even strategic benefits but not exit entirely…not yet.

Often it's an attractive option to bring on a partner to improve the company's balance sheet, adds executive talent, introduces key relationships and brings other strategic benefits. First-time owners, veterans, equity investors and corporate players wanting to become involved with a business use BTS to help develop and execute the desired entry strategy. This can entail the purchase of all or part of a business as a passive owner or active manager in the business.

After profiling the partner relationship that's right for you, Business Transition Specialist (BTS) manages a step-by-step process to help value the business, create the exit strategy, develop the marketing plan, discretely introduce qualified buyers/partners and negotiate the terms and close the deal. BTS can also help obtain financing for the purchase of the business, specific assets or an investment position in the company.