Exit Plan

I want to plan my exit from the business, but where do I begin?

Most owners fail to plan simply because they can't fathom life after the business; further, owners are afraid if they raise the topic, it will shake the confidence of employees and other stakeholders. We can show you how to make the discussion desirable for you and all concerned in order to be more successful today while ensuring a more successful transition whenever it does occur.

We recognize and treat exit planning and plan management as a journey; steps along the path are taken only as needed. BTS helps chart and navigate the journey along its key stages:

  • Direction Setting: Starting with the end in mind, defining what the exit looks like, key objectives and outcomes, and illustrating the important parts of the journey.
  • Action Planning: honestly assessing current "exit readiness" and identifying what will have to happen to help realize transition objectives.
  • Plan Management: implementing, updating and continuing to drive the plan to ensure exit readiness.

Managing through these stages leverages services from across our portfolio if and as needed.