Transition Planning

Help me think through and successfully manage the transition, buying and assuming control of a business

Sometimes even seasoned business people need a little coaching and a sounding board to listen and react to our ideas. On an as-needed basis Business Transition Specialists LLC (BTS) is happy to review the buying process in depth, help develop the vision for the purchase, debate and discuss approaches and advise in the process even where not the agent driving the purchase.

After a purchase, the work has just begun. New company, new processes, new employees, new customers, new role, new debt … and its all yours to manage. In such a time of change, little things can make a big difference to whether or not the business continues to grow and prosper. We can help you identify and navigate the pitfalls of the transition.

…and once the purchase is complete, the new buyer should immediately begin developing and managing a growth and exit strategy. If you don't know where you're going, how will you be confident the myriad of daily business decisions are helping to move you and the business in the desired direction?