Buying a Business

I realize the right business won't just fall into my lap - help me find and buy a business.

Those who dream of buying a business make a decision every day to 1) keep dreaming or 2) take decisive action to identify and gain access to real opportunities and ultimately purchase a business. Given the complexity of the process and variables which make it a different experience for each buyer, skilled help from experienced intermediaries improves understanding, readiness and the likelihood of a successful purchase.

Business Transition Specialists (BTS) will work with prospective buyers to:

  • Define and manage a proactive, outbound search for prospective acquisitions
  • Promote the buyer within BTS' extensive network
  • Review and present prospective business acquisitions
  • Help develop purchase offers and negotiate the purchase
  • Manage the process and communications among all parties: buyer, seller, accountants, bankers, attorneys and other involved stakeholders

Once a decision is made to move forward, do so with vigor, focus and professional management to get the deal done well and with your objectives driving decision making at every step.

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