How Do I Identify and Purchase the Right Business?

Have you purchased a business before? Have you managed the integration of multiple business organizations? Would you like it done right or maybe some help doing it well?

Buying a business is complex. When not managed correctly it costs time, money and the purchase opportunity. Knowledgeable buyers appreciate the value of an experienced intermediary to help all parties navigate the many difficult but necessary steps required to successfully transact a business purchase and transition. Serious buyers invest in themselves for the best chance of success, leveraging BTS' knowledge and proven experience to: refine the acquisition profile, engage interesting acquisitions, assess changes in the economic and competitive environment, negotiate the seller's perception of value & deal structure, navigate the financing environment, develop the plan for post-acquisition actions and help manage emotions though a stressful process from offer to closing.

Business Transition Specialists LLC (BTS) offers a wide range of services to assist buyers before, during and after the purchase of all or part of a business.