Acquisition Growth Strategy

Developing the plan for one company to successfully acquire and integrate another company

  • What does the post acquisition business model look like?
  • Will you integrate the firms?
  • What redundant elements get eliminated? How?

Few corporate mergers and acquisitions go well, often because the purchase decision is based on financial analysis with limited thought to what happens post closing. How will you evaluate and rationalize the organization and its people, culture, management policies, business processes, technologies and more?

Business Transition Specialists (BTS) will work with corporate buyers to help:

  • Define the end-state company strategy and structure
  • Develop the operational model and interfaces for parent and acquired entities
  • Refine the acquisition profile, identifying candidates
  • Evaluate the purchase process and issues to consider
  • Outline possible deal structures, terms and financing options
  • Roadmap to prepare for and execute the acquisition and subsequent integration

The team created for these engagements can draw from the deep strategic consulting capabilities of BTS' strategic partner IntelliThink LLC