• Buy a Business Get Into Business
    Buy a proven business and control your risk, start a business with the assistance of our proven professionals or buy into an existing business as a strategic partner and then... ...
  • Grow Your Business Grow Your Business
    Either grow your business through acquisition or implement a structured plan to ensure you can successfully... ...
  • Sell Your Business Get Out of Business
    Sell your business confidentially to the logical buyer... ...

BTS Overview

Business Transition Specialists (BTS) is a full-lifecycle merger & acquisition firm helping buy, grow and sell businesses. We provide our clients seasoned trusted advisors, expert guidance and critical resources throughout the ownership lifecycle from initial entry to exit, selling all or part of a business in a planned and managed exit strategy.

Serious entrepreneurs, owners and executives invest in themselves for the best chance of success…

Successful people turn to our successful, capable team of advisors when questions arise. They rely upon our knowledge and proven experience planning and executing the most complex and daunting decisions in business. Decisions to buy or sell all or part of a business, as well to plan and execute business strategy, take deep understanding, experience, wisdom and fortitude to accomplish successfully, addressing internal issues, changes in the environment as well as the emotion and stress of moving forward though uncertainty. BTS is your guide from start to finish.

For today…and the rest of your life in business.

Through our owner lifecycle service portfolio we develop and maintain trusting, lifetime relationships with our clients who enjoy a highly experienced, consultative advisor focused on understanding and helping accomplishing personal and business objectives.

BTS Team Members are...

Experts - across industries and strategies offering both breadth and depth of experience
Trusted - to understand your objectives, illustrate how to achieve them and what it will take
Connected - to a community of wealth and resources
Focused - defining and executing plans to get the job done